Wellbeing with Rosie

When I was working as a teacher, the first thing to go when things got (as they often did) stressful or busy, hectic is a better word for it, was my personal wellbeing.

If you’re a busy professional, I am sure you’ll find this description familiar - your feet don’t touch the floor and you forget to eat or eat too much and your going to bed later and getting up earlier and you cancel that coffee with a friend and finish too late to make the climbing/running/cycling/[insert interest here] session with your mates and you haven’t got time to listen to your favorite  show/podcast/film/match or read a book/magazine/newspaper....

You get the idea.

For me, I started to realize that the things that I loved about my job were the things I was no longer finding time to do. 

Personal interests:
- Relationships
- My sense of humor (scientifically it is proven that one of the first things to go when you’re stressed is your sense of jumpers... I obviously mean sense of humour. Did that make you laugh or cry. Good assessment of stress levels)
- Personal Development: my own interests and looking after me.

Job related interests: 
- Professional development - the good old CPD which, when done well, means research, working alongside colleagues and being in contact with other academic establishments.
- Extra Curricular [too much beauracracy and bullshit]

And so I quit my job. Moved to the NL. And am investing time into finding out more about wellbeing. My hope is that with the research I can do, now I have the time to do it, and the sharing of useful and interesting information here, will benefit you.

A positive side effect might just be that my wellbeing will be top notch too ☺️ Sharing is caring!

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