Wednesday 5 September 2018


Welcome to wellbeingwithrosie’s blog

If you have made it here then we (most likely) already share a lot in common, or perhaps you’re looking into wellbeing & what it means to you... or perhaps you are here because you are opposite to me. For whatever reason, you’re welcome.

A little about me - but not too much!

I have moved to the Netherlands with my bf. he got a new job offer here and we thought why not? It offers a chance to start a new kind of life, to try something new and to challenging ourselves in many ways. So we quit our jobs, packed up our houses and drove my tiny car full to the brim onto the ferry and successfully made the crossing to NL.

The hardests thing so far (other than missing our friends & family) is the language. Although everybody we have met so far speaks English (or Engels), it is mine and my bf’s interest to learn the basics of Dutch. He - for work. Me (Ik I should write) - so that I can integrate more into society here. Both of us - when we are traveling around to smaller, localized areas of NL bikes, we shouldn’t assume that the people living there will speak English. This would be narrow minded and lazy. Thus we battle on with our languages learning and question Dutch people we meet about pronunciation. So far, nee goed!

Before we moved I was a Secondary School English Teacher for 11 years, plus my training year, and over that time I have seen the system go full circle.

I worked in six schools in my 11 years. I valued every experience - even though it was hard making new acquaintances and new professional relationship and learning new systems - but I don’t believe I would have made the professional progress I did made without moving schools. If you’re a teacher and considering changing schools I would advise you to take that risk and experience working at a number of schools - you’ll gain an incredible amount both personally and professionally. And if it doesn’t work out, research the schools in the area where you’d like to live & apply to those that reach out to you and connect with your values.

I love being a teacher. I love working with teenagers (rather than primary school age) because they are bolshie, fun and make everyday different. I love working hard and researching and discovering new ways of teaching the curriculum to engage all learners. And to not get bored teaching!

However, towards the end of my previous roles, I felt as though I wasn’t finding time for the things that I love about the job, the things I love about working in a fast paced school environmental and the things that kept me in the professaion for over a decade.
Those things were:
- Research
- Relationships
- Extra Curricular
- A sense of humor 
- Personal Development: my own interests and looking after me.

And that is why I am dedicating time to wellbeing. My own. Others. Everyone. 

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